Keto in the world of postindustrial era

Do you think you are reading articles about problems of modern society way too often? On the other hand, maybe we don’t talk about it loud enough, or at least brave enough. Is it obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, or is it just unbearable stress? When you start taking care and changing your life, you choose a healthy eating habit or follow a diet… Let’s say you choose LCHF or even Ketogenic diet. No matter what’s your goal or reason. How do you proceed? Do you stay motivated and really start preparing your meals at home, or are you constantly looking for the ways to cheat? Why is it so difficult to live healthy in today’s world?

The world of barcodes

So, you’ve decided to change the food you consume? Great! You’ve educated yourself and you want to start a low carb lifestyle that will help you lose weight or regain your health. Your shopping list is changing. You are heading to the supermarket or specialised health food stores. The goal is to supply yourself with necessary weapons. Excellent strategy…

Then you go and throw cans of coconut milk, industrial low carb products, processed nut flours! All sorts of low-carb yoghurts,  cheese, ham, salami, bacon, sausages and who knows what else… With loads of sodium nitrate? Why not! Let’s not forget unhealthy ready meals with one million additives that are labelled as diet-friendly.

So, what are you doing? Are you really following a healthy life-changing diet? Are you proud of yourself when you post a photo of an industrial product with at least 12 additives, sweeteners, E-this, E-that…

Where are your greens?

In the last moment, you remember the cruciferous vegetables. Maybe you’ve heard a nutritionist or health specialist mentioning it as the base of any low carb diet. So, because you are in the supermarket, and you might not have the time to look for organic vegetables, you just go and fill your basket with canned, pickled or frozen greens. And you put a big smile on your face while going home. “Today is the first day of my new life” – you might think. Well, sorry to burst the bubble – it’s not!

There are no perfect industrial products

I am sorry, but really, any processed product is far from perfect. Of course, there are better and worst, organic and non-organic. You can find them with no additives or full of additives. There are products that can even fall into a category of extremely healthy foods. But, think about it: The closer to the original, the better! When did you go to farmer’s market last time? Did you check if your local green market has fresh seasonal vegetables, eggs, butter, fish, nuts, seeds and all sorts of whole foods? You can buy almost everything in farmer’s markets! You can make your own almond or coconut milk (quite easily), don’t buy it canned! You can even make your own nut flours if you like to bake low carb goodies. All your fermented vegetables can be prepared at home. Spices usually smell the best if you simply dry the herbs…

The only way to be 100% sure

This is the only way to be sure that your food does not contain industrial additives. The more society grows, the more technology connects us, the more we get sick. Why is this? I would say – Too many industrial products. Also, the large food industry has some serious influence on marketing and entertainment industry!

In my homeland, Greece

Back in Greece, every street has a Laiki market day. This means that farmers from surrounding villages come and sell their best products at really affordable prices. If anything is going to save my nation it’s going be this tradition. Every family gets something unprocessed, organic and fresh at least once per week. And when you go to Laiki, you will meet the most friendly, happy and smiling people that will make your day better. You will get unbelievable discounts too. In this day and time, green markets could be the solutions for many world’s diseases, including depression and obesity!