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Keto Crepes with Feta

Keto crepes with Feta – Ohh la-la the creaminess!

Keto crepes with Feta cheese is another project of ketonisation and unusual combination. I could have just used goat or sheep cream cheese and prepare standard Keto crepes. In fact, we already have several recipes that call for mascarpone or cream cheese in the crepes batter. One of them is […]

Keto Choco crepes

Keto choco crepes with lemon yoghurt sauce

Keto choco crepes saw the light of Greek afternoon as an ideal brunch. As you might already know, we don’t actually promote having breakfast in the morning. We believe that fasting in the morning gives a lot of benefits and speeds up the fat loss process. Not only that we […]

Ground seeds

Ground seeds Keto crepes with creamy berries

Ground seeds, as you might have noticed, are our favourite substitute for nut-based flours. Why do we avoid nuts? well, not all the time, but for all the Ketonians who want to put a pause of nut consumption, whether it’s for trying to overcome the weight loss plateau or maybe […]

Keto crepes

2-ingredient Keto crepes – Possible, doable, rollable

Keto crepes are always a trending subject. Well, Ketonians love breakfast food and they simply want to play around the morning rituals. After all, the main ingredients are eggs and there’s a small difference between an omelette and a crepe! We wrote two passionate posts about crepes. Well, we are […]

Keto crepes

Keto Crepes with Zero Flour

Keto Crepes come in one million variations! Ever since we started our Keto journey, my wife’s favourite crepes have been ketonised with all possible and impossible low-carb flours. However, while making a simple omelette, I suddenly got an idea… Do we really need any flour in Crepes? Well, the original […]


Keto Crepes with a Greek twist

Anybody who ever tried good old thin crepes – loved them! The charm is irresistible. Before I continue this pro-European article, I must tell you, the language of modern Greece has been influenced by French much more than by English. We use their words for all car parts, machines, lifts, makeup, clothes… Greek […]

κετο κρεμα σοκολατα

Κετέλλα – Η εύκολη και γρήγορη κρέμα σοκολάτας!

Οι γρήγορες λύσεις στην Κέτο δεν είναι συχνά στο μενού μου! Ιδιαίτερα όταν λέμε για την περίφημη Κετέλλα! Συνήθως όμως το καλό πράγμα αργεί να γίνει! Το έκανα μάλιστα και μια από τις αρχές του τρόπου της Κέτο Μεσογειακής ζωής! Το αργό μαγείρεμα είναι εξαιρετικά επωφελές για την υγεία και […]

Keto Choco

Keto Choco Sampita – Augmented version of pure pleasure

Keto Choco Sampita is so much more than just a twist to already successful recipe. It’s the ultimate perfection when it comes to gastronomic pleasure. And, yes, Keto cake should be pleasurable and it should be enjoyed from the process of creation to the very first bite. Things are simple, […]

κέτο κρέπες

Κέτο κρέπες χωρίς αλεύρι και μόνο με 1 γρ. υδατάνθρακα!

Είστε έτοιμοι να φτιάξετε τις πρώτες σας κρέπες χωρίς αλεύρι; Δεν υπάρχει κάτι κρυμμένο εδώ! Πεντανόστιμες Κέτο κρέπες χωρίς συντηρητικά και πρόσθετα, όπως όλες οι συνταγές του Greek Goes Keto! Τα συστατικά τα οποία θα δημιουργήσουμε κάθε συνταγή παίζουν τεράστιο ρόλο έτσι ώστε να έχουμε ποιότητα και φυσικά κάτι υγιεινό. […]