almond cookies

Kavala Almond Cookies – Keto Version

Almond cookies are so typically Greek that if you search for a recipe online, most probably you’ll end up with one or another Greek version. In fact, these crunchy, chewy, delicious and simple cookies will win your heart. Since almonds are present in Greek tradition from ancient times, this is […]

Keto Galatopita – Greek Pudding Pie

Greek custard pie known as Galatopita is our new and exciting ketonisation project! Pudding in Greece is not a typical dessert, but when baked as creamy milk pie, things get steamy and passionate! Everybody loves Galatopita! Originally, it’s made with milk, semolina, eggs and – what else – sugar. Well, this […]

The ketonisation of legendary Ajvar (Ayvar)

Keto Ajvar is something that Balkan food lovers will embrace with great excitement! However, if you never visited one of the countries in this historically turbulent peninsula, then maybe you haven’t even heard about it. It sounds much like a Viking name, doesn’t it? Well, I am not quite sure […]

Keto Psarosoupa 

Keto Psarosoupa – Creamy Fish Broth with Greek spices

Keto Psarosoupa (ψαρόσουπα) might sound like some Klingon dish: Especially if you don’t know a lot about Greek food-naming tradition. It’s always simple! You just use the main ingredient and add it to the preparation method. Psari is a modern Greek word for fish, while “soupa” is, well of course – soup! […]

Keto Balkan Pogacha – A modern tribute to ancient myth

Keto and Balkan food could be the most impossible combination for Ketonians! Since Greece is a part of this cultural basin, we already had quite a successful journey in our Ketonisation quest. Unlike Ancient Greeks and Romans, most of the Balkan nations are quite “new” to this territory when we look at […]

Keto blueberry

Keto Blueberry & Walnut Pie – A Powerful Combo

Keto Blueberry and walnut pie can serve as a full breakfast! Now, I know on Keto we don’t eat dessert for breakfast. However, if you check the ingredients in this pie, you’ll end up with an omelette, cheese, butter, some nuts and handful of blueberries (if you count a single […]

Keto mushroom

Keto Manitaropita – Greek Mushroom Pie

Keto mushroom pie is a natural sequence to our ketonisation of Greek pites (pies). With homemade crispy keto phyllo dough that you can easily ketonise, depending on what ingredients you have available at the moment. The Greek word for mushrooms is Manitari, this is quite simple – manitaropita is yet […]

Keto Hazelnut

Keto hazelnut cake – Let’s call it Foudoukopita

Keto hazelnut cake should be called Foudoukopita! Of course, if we follow the Greek tradition of naming the cake after the dominant ingredient. In fact, we already covered Karidopita (karidi / καρύδι /walnut) and many of you succeeded in preparing it. Naturally, one would think that the Greek word for hazelnuts (Foudouki) […]

Keto Muffins

Keto Muffins With Sparkling Mineral Water

Keto Muffins come is savoury and sweet version and there’s a large number of recipes available to Ketonians. However, to achieve the effect of gluten and baking powder reaction in standard carby muffins, Ketonians have to learn a few tricks. The main characteristic of really good Keto muffins is the […]

Rabbit roast

Rabbit Roast – Health Boosting Meat and Ancient Delicacy

Rabbit roast is a dish that every Ketonian will end up loving and enjoying! Although many people stare from it, gastronomists and nutritionists value rabbit meat as the most digestible and delicious source of nutrients. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there’s a tradition of giving rabbit meat as the first […]