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Keto Cappuccino

Keto Cappuccino Muffins – when you want a quick fix

Keto Cappuccino, or just about any Keto coffee is a trendy subject among Ketonians. There are so many recipes and it’s quite easy to get confused. From Bulletproof coffee to one million versions of cream and butter infused coffees. Personally, I like it black and cold brewed. This would be […]

Keto Chocolate Souvlaki – Funky Greek Sticks

Chocolate Souvlaki would sound quite shocking to Greeks. In fact, if I mentioned it to any of my friends they would laugh or make a confused facial expression. But don’t worry, I did not cover the meat with chocolate sauce, I just took an inspiration from the most famous Greek street […]

Keto Mille-feuille

Keto Mille-feuille – When the French culture conquered Greece

Keto Mille-feuille sounds like mission impossible to anybody who’s familiar with this famous French delicacy. How in the world can we make that weightless, thin, puff pastry without wheat flour? Well, as with all my ketonisations, Keto Mille-feuille had to mature in my mind. Somewhere deep in the Modern Greek […]

Keto Tahini

Keto Tahini bites – Oriental fat-bombs

Keto Tahini fat-bombs are a born out the admiration for the mighty Tahini paste. This is an oriental delicacy, a paste made from smashed sesame seeds with the addition of sesame oil. In some cases, it’s made with olive oil. This paste is extremely versatile! It has various purposes and can […]

Keto avocado

Keto avocado salad with Cretan spirit

Keto avocado salad doesn’t sound very Mediterranean, does it? However, did you know that avocados grow on our biggest island? Am I talking about the mysterious island of Crete! Now, I think I’ve pointed it out so many times, the Cretan cuisine is unique and extremely rich in healthy ingredients. […]

Keto cinnamon

Keto cinnamon truffles – with the magic number 12

Keto cinnamon truffles could be the fastest dessert you’ll ever prepare. The ease of assembling and beauty of interlaced aromas will lift them high up on your keto dessert list. Well, you can call them cinnamon fat bombs because, simply, this is what they are! I’ll make sure they are loaded […]

Keto Greek

Keto Greek Soul’n’Mind – Presenting Scott Kilmer

Keto Greek adventure started almost a year ago. Every time I receive feedback from my social media friends and followers I get motivated to continue this project with all the passion and determination. I started this blog for all of you who want to improve your lives. For those who […]

Keto pralines

Keto pralines; B&W edition – A real homemade chocolate!

Keto pralines, or as the urban etymology calls them – fat bombs – have two major purposes. First, they are an excellent source of good and desired fats, as the name says. With keto pralines, you can keep your fats up without worrying if your meal provided you with 70% calories […]

Keto brownies

Keto brownies with fresh mint – intensity of health

Keto brownies could be the most present Keto dessert around the world wide web. You’ll find so many easy and quick recipes and standard brownie alternations. However, chocolate and mint combination is rarely present. Even though it has been celebrated through the famous after-eight dessert all around the globe. They […]

Quick Keto

Quick Keto red currant cheesecake

Quick Keto recipes are not my thing and I never believe that good results come without some extra effort. I always prefer to promote a good oldfashioned way of Mediterranean living and food preparation. However, it’s summer and it’s just about to get even hotter here in Greece. When the […]