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Keto Pomegranate

Keto Pomegranate Cocktail – In honour of Persephone

Keto Pomegranate cocktail will be another relieve for all of Ketonians who miss fruity flavour during the hot summer days. Let’s face it, with all the great nutrients from meat, fish, eggs you simply miss a touch of antioxidants and vitamin C from Keto-friendly fruits.

Quick Keto Fish

Quick Keto Fish paprikash – With a Greek Twist

Quick Keto Fish Paprikash is another answer to those who don’t find fish really desirable. However, we are sure that there must be a way to prepare fish so that everybody loves it. In fact, most people adore grilled fish! That’s the easiest and most popular way to prepare fish in the Mediterranean zone. However, what if you just want your fish to swim in a nice sauce and have the herbs to emphasise its unique flavour?

Mediterranean hot fefferoni peppers

Mediterranean Hot Yellow Fefferoni Peppers

Here at Greek Goes Keto we ofter like to experiment with hot ingredients! Let’s not forget that capsicain can help in fat burning. Of course, we only promote top quality natural products and these Mediterranean hot yellow fefferoni peppers are exactly that. Check the great ingredients and you are brave […]

Natural spring sparkling mineral water

Natural Spring Sparkling Mineral Water Kiseljak

Here at Greek Goes Keto, we love our sparkling mineral water Kiseljak! As you know, on Ketogenic diet, you really need to intake more electrolytes and natural minerals. We are using this wonderful eco-friendly water that comes from the depths of Bosnian forests. If you would like to give it […]